4 Corn Recipes You Must Try This Season

To relish corns during monsoons is among those simple joys of life, which instantly enlivens your spirit. The palpation and flavour of corn recipes mellow with the mood of the season; there is almost a romantic relationship between the two. What is even better is that corn is among the world’s healthiest foods. Being high on nutritional value (loaded with dietary fibre, niacin, beta-carotene, et cetera), it is extremely good for digestion, promotes eye health, helps to control diabetes, prevents heart-ailments and reduces hypertension.

So wait no more and this season, sink on that couch and indulge yourself in these must-try, heavenly corn recipes.

1.  Corn Fritters – a recipe by Vicky Ratnani
The moment you feel the delicious crunch of these deep fried, crispy fritters made using corn kernels, all-purpose flour, onions, garlic, and chillies, you realise what was missing from your life all this while.

2.  Spiced Simmered Corn- a recipe by Roopa Gulati
Embroiled in the aroma of mustard seeds and curry leaves, and laden with the flavours of corn, coconut, chillies and coriander, this fit for the king delight will remind you of all things good (and hot) in life.

3.  Corn and Pomegranate chaat-a recipe by Aditya Bal.
This is the kind of recipe that will make people believe that you are a sous-chef who really knows his/her way around the kitchen when all you have done is mixed boiled corn, orange, pomegranate, with tamarind extract, chaat masala, and few other ingredients.
It is simple, fresh and yet oh so exotic.

4.  Grandma’s Corn Pudding
This list of corn recipes would not be complete without Grandma’s corn pudding and if you are on a diet, you should not read further because the mere mention of the custardy consistency and the luscious richness of the flavours is so tempting that you will not be able to resist it. Lightly beaten eggs, with melted butter, sugar, and milk, whisked in cornstarch, stirred in corn and creamed corn. All your senses will feel gratified, to say the least. 

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