Corn Flakes Processing Line

If we think about the most popular breakfast, the first thing comes to our mind is the Corn Flakes. The crazy taste and the crispy look have made it an adorable choice amongst the consumers. However, it is not at all an easy process to prepare corn flakes. It is made via a set of processes. That is called the Corn Flakes Processing Line.

This Corn Flakes Processing Line is composed of several steps. Those steps are followed as per the following order of appearance:

  • Mixer: In this section, corns are mixed with spices.
  • Screw Conveyor: Though this conveyor, the unprocessed corns are advanced to the next stage.
  • Vibrate Cooler: In this section, the unprocessed corns are cooled down.
  • Flaking Machine: In this section, the unprocessed corn kernels are made into small flakes. The flakes are flattened, and they are not crispy in this section.
  • Air Conveyor: After being made to flakes, the corns become wet and moistened. They need to be dried for further processing. They are passed through air conveyors, so that most of the moisture is vaporized.
  • Pre-Dryer: Though primarily dried in the previous section, the flakes are passed through this section so that the remaining moisture is also gone. Now, the flakes are almost ready to be processed.
  • Baking Machine: The flakes are already mixed with spice at the very beginning section. Once they are totally dried put, they are ready to be baked. Generally they are baked until they are red heated.
  • Sugar Sprayer: The flakes are not yet crispy. Before making them crispy, they are passed through this section, so that the sweet flavor can be incorporated.
  • Multi-Layer Oven: Once the sweet and spicy flavors are mixed with flakes, they are baked again. The applied flavor of sugar enables the flakes to harden. Sugar melts and mixes with the flakes. In this way, the flakes get hard and become crispy.
  • Cooling Machine: Before being packed, the finally processed flakes are cooled down. Thus, before being packed, cooling effect makes the flakes crispier.

Therefore, these are some basic facts about processing corn flakes. Across India, there are several organizations, which provide services in the domain of corn processing. If you are looking for some information on corn processing and looking for a consulting service regarding this business domain, you can go through the pages of

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