Corn Oil Processing

We are very health conscious, are not we? In this daily busy life, we always try to maintain our physical condition such that we are not bogged down by any pressure of our daily turmoil. For this reason, maintaining the calorie consumption is a crucial factor. How should one maintain it? Most of our fast foods are made with oil, like fries, chips, Frankies etc. If we look at our own households, we can easily see the consumption of oil via our daily normal food consumption. This is one of the foremost ways to increase calorie. To reduce the calorie consumption, we should switch over to oils with very low calorific value. Vegetable oils are the most favorable choice in this regard. Moreover, out of all kinds of vegetable oil, corn oil is the primary choice. It is the oil among this group, with lowest calorific value.

Production process of corn oil lets us know about the reason behind its low calorific value. At the very first stage, corns are passed through the Expeller Pressing section. Corns are provided to the section as a permanent supply, so that they can be compressed at a time to under extreme pressure. Large volume of corn kernels makes it easy to extract increased amount of oil at the same time. It is unprocessed yet. A chemical called Isohexane is used to do the primary level of processing. After this step also, there remains some impurities in the oil in the form of fatty acid cells. These are the components, which increase the calorific value of any oil. To neutralize them, it is required to pass the oil through alkaline chambers. Then the salt is formed after the neutralization process. This changes the color of the oil and forms wax. In the last stage of processing, the oil is first passed through bleach chamber, which extracts the salt content of the oil. Then it is passed through a vacuum chamber with very
high temperature (nearly 250 degree Celsius), to remove the wax from the oil and to remove the odor from the oil.

Therefore, these are some basic facts about processing corn oil. Across India, there are several organizations, which provide services in the domain of corn oil processing. If you are looking for some information on corn oil processing and looking for a consulting service regarding this business domain, you can go through the pages of


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