Corn to Nacho

The process of making the lovely and tasty junk food treat- the nacho is a complex and highly organized method today. In olden days the South Americans used to cook the corn in pots and hand grind the corn flour and make them into corn tortillas. This was later exported to Northern USA, and eventually evolved into nacho making. In olden days the nachos were handmade and had more flavor and a short shelf lives. Today we eat industrial made nachos with cheese or a spicy salsa dip.

Today the corn is made into the finished product tasty nacho by industrial processes. The corn harvested is first removed from the cob, washed and heated with 1% lime to remove the corn husk. The heat process kills microbes and cooks the corn. Large Hamilton kettles are used. The heated corn is then cooled rapidly and again put into steeped heating for hours. The mixture is washed and then sent to the grinding machinery. The result is mesa flour. This flour can be dried as flour or processed into nachos, tortillas or taco shells.

Nacho take shape after the flour is molded into triangle or circular chips which are fried or baked. Seasoning and spices are added to the finished goods and they are vacuum packed and ready to eat.

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