Different types of corn processing machinery

Corn processing machines are used to prepare different kinds of products based on corn.  The demand of food products is growing day by day with the increasing population.  To meet the daily requirements of people, food processing companies started manufacturing a variety of food products from corn and other cereals. Some of the common machineries that are used in agriculture are tractors, crop dusters, harvesters etc. Other than these, there are a number of advanced machineries that are used to process the food that is produced from agriculture. Different food products need different processing machineries. Similar is the case with corn. There are different corn based products like – corn flour, corn oil, corn flakes etc, which needs different processing machinery. One can search on the internet to get an idea of different corn processing machinery. Cornprocessmachinery.com is one such website that provides detailed information on different types of corn processing machinery and the methods that are adapted to process the corn. Below is the list of different types of corn processing machineries that are used to produce different types of corn based products:

  • Sweet corn machinery – Different kinds of machinery such as belt conveyor, vibrator, washer drum type blancher etc are sued to produce sweet corn.  Other than these, one can also find sweet corn cutter to cut the sweet corn to produce frozen corns. Ideally, sweet corn is reaped by machine or by a paw in three stages like – rapid maturation, pollination and silk line.
  • Corn flour machinery – Corn flour is produced by crunching food grains in huge amount. In this process, the corn is first dehydrated, and bombed in calcium hydroxide. Afterwards, it is pecked form the stubble to produce corn flour. There are two types of machines that are used to produce corn flour namely – semi automation auger and marching machine. Both these machines are used to produce corn flour spontaneously. After processing corn flour, one should store it in an airtight container for preserving purpose.
  • Corn flakes machinery – corn flakes are produced through five different stages like – hydrothorax intervention, prior wry, peeling off, steaming and temperature reduction. After the corn flakes are produced through the above stages, they are packed using different packing machines. Some of the popular packing machines are – Double drying machine, AMC compaction, Z type bucket, etc.

In this way, the corn based products are produced using a variety of corn processing machineries.

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