Subsidiary Products

Apart from the primary products, also processes two subsidiary products.
Corn flour: It’s obtained by crunching the food grains. The edible corn is first dehydrated and then crocked in calcium hydroxide. Afterward it’s smacked off from the chaff.

  • Digressive and heat-marched process: It’s conducted by milling grains and by adding back breaker, catalyst and amino acids. The procedure takes one month to complete because firstly the microbe are assorted then its dropped to streamer and blistering air is supplied and after cooling its blended.
  • Coalescing: It’s a part of process that is executed by mashing grain within stones or steel wheels. It is abraded against each other and a powdered mixture is produced from the subatomic particle.

Sweet corn production: Sweet corn is gleaned by paw or by machine. It’s prerequisite of water. The sweet corn mutation causes the reproductive structure of the germ to accumulate more carbohydrate. The maturation of sweet corn is carved up into three main stages:

  • Stage 1: Rapid maturation i.e. microscopic stage
  • Stage 2: Pollination that is the adjacent stage
  • Stage 3: This is the concluding period i.e. silkline

Corn adds up in three colors: yellow, white, and bichromatic (yellow and white). Crabbed-pollination of yellow gist with white gist varieties will ensue in yield of bicolor corn.

Packing Machines:
Corn flakes: Following Machines are used for packing purpose

  1. Double-drying machine
  2. AMC compaction
  3. Ten drumheads compounding machine
  4. Z type bucket
  5. Finished product conveyer belt

It fulfills the procedure of alimentation i.e. nourishment, quantifying i.e. measurement, sacking and couching keeping in mind accuracy and crash and burn.
Corn oil: Corn oil stuffing machine is used for the production of corn oil. The Corn oil filling machine contact with the machine and:

  1. Use the gravitational force for filling the limpid 
  2. PLC restraint the relative frequency to produce corn oil
  3. Line up intensity which helps in ease of filling.
  4. It fills the package within a short span of time and results in high production.

Corn flour: Two types of machines are mainly used for packing purpose that are:

  • Marching machine i.e. processing machine
  • Semi automaton auger

Both results in cleaning as well as in popping out and spontaneous production of the corn flour/wheat berry. One has to keeps the powder in an airless container or in a fictile bag for preserving and ameliorating.

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